Confidence Building Art Project: Courage Cans

This is a fun project to remind your daughter how courageous she is!

You will need:
– A can of vegetables, fruit, or soup
– Scissors
– Clear Tape
– Paint, Markers or Paint Markers
  1. Carefully remove the label off the can
  2. The backside of the label should be white, tape the label back onto the can but with the white side out…this is where you will be painting your NEW label.
  3. Grab your paint or markers and color the entire white background.
  4. Write on top of your new background…“‘Your Name’ has courage”, write it BIG across the front of your can.
  5. On the back of your can, list out 5 past experiences where you have been brave. For example, did you try out for the Nutcracker? Have surgery? Start a new school? Think back and write a list of the brave things you have done.
  6. Leave space to add in new brave things you will do, keep updating your can. 

Put the can in your room where you can see it every day. When you need some courage, look at the can and remember how brave you are!