An empowering online art Membership
for girls 8-13 YEARS OLD

Hi, I’m Jen. I am passionate about encouraging girls at a young age to believe in themselves.

That is why I created the Art Gang.
It’s a virtual art club that:

❤️ Teaches her it’s ok to mess up
❤️ Helps with socialization skills
❤️ Boosts self-esteem
❤️ Fuels her imagination
❤️ Encourages problem-solving skills

The Art Gang will empower her to believe in herself.

I use a variety of creative art projects and prompts that have the underlying goal to build more self-confidence and increase her creative thinking skills.

ART GANG Includes

Daily Art Prompts

She will never be at a loss of what to draw with our daily art prompts. She can keep creating even on busy days…these fun art prompts can be done in under five minutes. Great for drawing on the iPad.

Virtual Art Classes

A one-hour guided art lesson…with time for the girls to chat while working.

Art Video Vault 

Watch and work alongside me anytime of day. A new video is released every Saturday. Artists have access to all 45+ videos.

Fun Interactions + Creative Thinking

Our zoom calls will give your daughter a chance to get to know new friends, talk about the latest movies and books. We will talk about the story behind the art she creates and what she learned doing the project. Perfect to practice speaking in front of others.

The Art Gang App

She will be a part of an invite-only community of young artists. The app allows message with new friends, share art, and make new life-long friendships.

The Art Gang App has:
– Zoom link for the live art classes
– Calendar with all important dates
– Reminders before each art class
– Link to the weekly art project video
– Daily art prompts
– She can post her art and message her new friends

Is Your Daughter the Right Fit for this Art Experience?

Answer these questions and find out.


1. Does she/they love art but need more guidance to encourage her to continue creating?

2. Does she/they get frustrated when her art doesn’t turn out as well as she hoped?

3. Can she/they be too hard on herself, wanting everything to be perfect?

4. Is she/they embarrassed to share her art?

5. Does she/they feel isolated because of COVID and need more socialization?

6. Would she/they enjoy chatting about movies and game characters with like-minded girls?

If you answered yes to 3 or more questions, your child is the perfect match for this art experience.

A Safe Place to Grow

“My daughter had a great time getting to know the other girls and realizing that they were all in the same boat. Sharing something as personal as your art can feel threatening, but Jen treats the girls like they are her equals. She’s encouraging and gives the girls a sense of security.”

— Melissa Michaud, mother of 13 year old artist

The Art Gang is up her alley!

Not only does she get to try new techniques with art but she is learning to be confident in her own art and that making mistakes is okay! She’s also gaining amazing social-emotional skills as she problem solves and is starting to come out of her shell more and more as the classes go on!

— Kelsy, mother of 8 year old artist

Super fun!

My daughter is loving being creative, meeting new people and learning so much…all at the same time! Thank you for inspiring kids to be brave and follow their hearts! ♥️🌈♥️

— Lisa, mother of 10 year old artist

Mistakes are Beautiful!

She has really taken to the whole “mistakes are beautiful” idea, especially when it comes to art, but I think also as a mantra for life in general as well. It’s also a fun space where she doesn’t feel like she has to earn a specific grade, unlike art class at school.

— Lorraine, mother of 8 year old artist

This whole idea is so great!

She seems to be up to taking a little more risk and branching out to people that she may not have before.

— Charlene, mother of 13 year old artist

Building confidence with art.
Join the Art Gang!


$27 every month


$66 every 3 months


$240 every year